Life as Usual in the Liga BBVA

Life as Usual in the Liga BBVAClassic facing Atletico Madrid and FC Barcelona in the evening yesterday did not clarify who would be placed as the first -ranked league. A goalless draw in a match with a lot of fight and claw for both sets , but where opportunities are conspicuous by their absence. Prior notice to the start of the match was the absence of the starting lineup of Messi and Neymar , is that the ” Tata” wanted to give his two star break and start an attack consisting of Fabregas, Pedro and Alexis.

The game started with Atletico Madrid beautifully planted in the field , pushing the ball out of FC Barcelona, ​​who suffered to get out of their field. However, the FC Barcelona was gradually taking over the ball , making Atletico Madrid did not feel comfortable. Although neither were the Catalans, thanks to a joint defense got set by Simeone , which greatly hindered transitions FC Barcelona. That was the first part , an FC Barcelona he tried unsuccessfully Atletico Madrid and was looking to surprise the backlash, but always found the good work of the Blaugrana defense.

Yes there were more chances in the second half. He left for Messi Iniesta injured, and that always leads to danger in the Catalan attack. Atletico Madrid tactics the same way as at the beginning of the game, pushing the ball out of your opponent . But this time, putting in far more danger to FC Barcelona, ​​and Madrid is the joy set 2 or 3 clear chances in the first 15 minutes. Above all, a volley from inside which was the best player of Atletico Madrid, Arda Turan Turkish area .

On the other hand , FC Barcelona was entrusted to the figure of Messi, who on his way up the band had a chance to put his team ahead on the scoreboard, but was snatched by Atletico Madrid goalkeeper .

The keys of the meeting were the splendid match Mascherano , who covered superbly Diego Costa materialize without leaving any backlash from your computer, and assembly lines together Simeone to cover areas that could cause transitions from FC Barcelona.

Life goes on in the Premier League, with both teams sharing the lead with 50 points at the end of the first lap.

Possible Output Pedrito FC Barcelona and Real Madrid Di Maria

Possible Output Pedrito FC Barcelona and Real Madrid Di MariaIn recent weeks they have not stopped out news about the possible outputs Pedrito FC Barcelona and Real Madrid Di Maria . However, this weekend , both players have been claimed to be great architects in the victories of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid respectively.

Both players have said they are happy in their current teams , but the fact is , they do not have the desired minutes. Pedrito not count as a holder for the ” Tata” Martino , and usually start matches off the bench , behind Alexis Sanchez, Neymar , Cesc and Messi. This has attracted interest from big European teams , especially the Premier League , such as for example Arsenal , Liverpool or Manchester United. On the other hand , Di Maria has lost his starting job after the arrival of billionaire signing of Real Madrid this year , Gareth Bale. It is for this reason that Di Maria is in an unimaginable situation for him , and has already spoken of a possible departure of Argentine bound for Monaco.

Despite this, both the player and the Spanish Argentine player are making the most of every opportunity this season. The Catalan juagdor is now following the hattrick in yesterday against Getafe , which served to Barcelona to overcome the 2-0 start to finish winning by 2 goals to 5 , is the top scorer of FC Barcelona with 10 goals in his account . All this , starting in most games as a substitute .

Di Maria ‘s stats are somewhat worse , with only 1 goal and 2 assists in league. However, in the Champions League has been one of the great architects of the equipment is classified as group , scoring a total of 3 goals and 5 assists give .

There are very few days to start the winter , and the fact is that the output of both players is very complicated. But it would not be surprising if the Spanish situation of both the player and the Argentine player stays until end of season , both players seek an outlet in the market next summer.